January 6th, 2012, 1:07 am


Comic Thoughts


So, I'm done that "Personal Space"... thing. Like I said when I first started posting them, the experience itself wasn't traumatic for me. It was weird and creepy as hell, but I was able to tell people about it and they immediately believed and helped me. Probably because he was extremely unsubtle in his behaviour; I later found out he did a lot of similar things to the woman who was the head of our department. But I've gotten some comments, especially on DA, from young girls who have gone through or are going through similar things. That makes me feel pretty sick. If you're being stalked or harassed, you really need to tell someone about it. Tell your friends, your parents (yes, seriously), your teachers, your counsellor, keep telling people until someone helps you. You shouldn't have to put up with that bullshit.

That being said, taking something that was a weird and creepy memory and turning it into something tangible, something cartoony and over the top and putting it on the internet for people to laugh at has been pretty therapeutic. I'd definitely recommend it.

Now that I'm done with that comic experiment I'm moving on to my next one. Well, I've already started, I've been planning it for a while actually. Except, the only thing is I won't be able to post this next project for a while. Yes, I know, I'm a huge asshole. This time though, it's for legal reasons, so I'm not trying to be an asshole it's just an unfortunate side effect. I'll try to make it up by posting on my tumblr more often, sketches and illustrations, maybe the odd one page comic, we'll see. But if you're wondering what I'm doing comic-wise, that's what's up.

Almost had this problem

thegriffin88 January 30th, 2012, 7:00 pm

I almost had this problem with someone but I caught him right away. It wasn't that he was some creepy stalker, I think I was just the first girl who had actually talked to him. He was sweet but I'm way too neurotic to persue anything more than just being friends with someone. Also, I watch way too many crime shows and am completely paranoid around the opposite sex, that and I'm a naturally grumpy person. I exude an aura that alienates people.


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